Yeji Jun was born in South Korea.  The artist currently lives and works in New York City and Seoul.  Yeji Jun received her MFA from Hunter College, the City University of New York.  In 2010, the artist won First Prize in the Viridian Artist International Juried Exhibition, juried by Elisabeth Sussman, curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art. She has exhibited her work internationally.
Yeji Jun's work is an exploration of self.  Her art reveals the artist's daily thoughts and delve into her imagination to reveal her personal state of mind.
2010   M. F. A. Hunter College, City University of New York, USA
2011   10 Final List, NY Marathon - Juried by curator David Gibson
2010   First Prize Winner, Gallery Viridian Artist international Juried annual exhibition, Juried by Elisabeth Sussman(Curator of Whitney Museum), New York, USA
Artist Residency
2012   BESLOW Artist Residency, Seoul, Korea
2011   IN RIVERS... Artist Residency, New York, USA
2009   SVA Summer Artist Residency, New York, USA
Solo Exhibition
05/2014    Dream in Dream, Social Code, Korea
03/2014    Daydreaming, A1 Gallery, Seoul, Korea01/2014    Dream keeps growing, UNC Gallery, Seoul, Korea
05/2013    Solo Exhibition, Gallery Golmok, Seoul, Korea
10/2011    Big Transition, Solo Exhibition, Artists Haven Gallery, Florida, USA
06/2010    Drawing Solo Show-café Royal, New York, USA
Group Exhibition
04/2013     봄빛물들다, 삼청갤러리, Seoul, Korea
03/2013     누군가의 봄, 갤러리 중, Seoul, Korea
11/2012      Rising Start, 효천 아트센터 Gallery Syn, Seoul, Korea
09/2012     Sketchbook Show, Gallery Protege, New York, USA
08/2012     모정이 있는 회화 &조각전, Chung Jark Gallery, Seoul, Korea
08/2012     ART Gyeongju 2012, Gyeonju, Korea
07/2012     Korea Handmade Art Fair 2012, Seoul, Korea
06/2012     새로운 도약전 2012, Chung Jark Gallery, Seoul, Korea
03/2012     Volta Art Fair, COMPANY limited edition prints, New York, USA
02/2012     Summit, Sovereign Nation Exposition, New York, USA
12/2011     Miami Art Basel, COMPANY limited edition prints, New York, USA
11/2011     Sovereign Nation Exposition, New York, USA
08/2011     FRENZY, SPACE 1950, New York, USA
07/2011     Elastic Identity, The IMC Lab + Gallery, New York, USA
06/2011      Lucid Dreaming, New York, USA
06/2011      Portal to Enigma, Agora Gallery, New York, USA
05/2011      The UBS Asian Art Exhibition, Picture That LLC, Stamford, USA
05/2011      48th Annual Juried Exhibition, The Masur Museum of Art, USA
05/2011      Piece of Mind, Elga Wimmer PCC, New York, USA
04/2011      Worlds of Art TECAP, Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, Canada    
03/2011      Art Takes Over Home, New York, USA
03/2011      The ART BAZAAR, Gallery Art Bazaar, New York, USA
02/2011      Second Salon Show, Green Point Gallery, New York, USA
01/2011      First Salon Show, Green Point Gallery, New York, USA
12/2010      Gifted- A Pop Up Shop, Gitana Rosa Gallery, New York, USA
11/2010      WEAR ART, Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art, New Orleans, USA
08/2010      Graphomania, Garbageman/Astronaut Project Space, Portland, USA
07/2010      International Juried annual exhibition-Viridian Artist, New York- First Prize
06/2010      June Group Show-Dutch Kills Gallery, New York
05/2010      FRAGMENTS 2010 – the Kitchen Open Studios, New York
2010           AnArtJournal- online art magazine permanent view
05/2010      FUTUREFORWARD-B E C A - Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art, New Orleans
05/2010      Hunter MFA at Crane Arts Center-The Crane Arts Center, Philadelphia
04/2010      Never Think small-Redux-Climate Gallery, New York
04/2010      NRDC show- Studio IMC, New York
09/2009      Add-Art- Eyebeam gallery and Firefox
09/2009      Ellipse of Peace Art Exhibition- New York
2011         Aesthetics 6250 A.U. Magazine Spring Edition featured artist
2011         Featured in on ART Punctuate
2011         The Gracey Art Review- Featured artists by Elizabeth Roncevic
2011         New York Art Marathon review by curator David Gibson
2011         Magazine 1975 - Magazine 1975 winner, Featured artist
2011         The Xposur - Featured Artist interview
2010         City Belka - “Дипломка” Хантера Featured artist from Hunter MFA Thesis Show                                                                                                   
2008         Mapcidy - Hunter openstudios